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Natural Products and Summer Heat

At Love & Reign, we take every shipping precaution to take care of your handcrafted natural product. We ship priority mail, select the optimal packaging options, and send emails  so you can track your shipment.

Some  products are more sensitive to summer heat because they are made of natural butters and oils. Unlike commercial products, we do not use unnatural stabilizers to prevent natural occurring processes, such as melting. Petroleum, phthalates , and cocamides  are some examples of commercial stabilizers used to thicken and prevent melting. Which are ultimately absorbed into your bloodstream.

We believe you can care for your skin safely and naturally. If you find that your product has softened or melted, rest assured it does not change the quality of your product. Our whipped products may appear to decrease in size due to the loss of air. Your product will solidify by either leaving it at room temperature or placing it in the refrigerator briefly. 

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to natural skin care.