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About Love & Reign

Best use and Care instructions

Salty and Sweet! Organic shea butter scrub blended with fine pink and black sea salt, fine sugar, hemp oil, and hibiscus infused oil. Naturally pigmented with Hibiscus petals. Sweet floral scent using a pure essential oil blend of lemon, orange, Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, and jasmine.  Great for getting that close shave, removing dead skin cells, and moisturizing.  4 ounces of natural care

Natural Scrubs

Best way to enjoy your natural scrub is to remove the desired amount using a spoon and place in hand. Using your hand rub in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Close lid tightly to prevent water from entering your jar, this prevents contamination.

Beard Care

For a healthy beard it is best to start with a clean beard. Wet beard shampoo bar until a rich lather is achieved. Cleanse beard and skin underneath. On a dry beard apply desired amount of beard oil, and pomade using wooden comb for even distribution. Your beard comb will absorb beard oil over time, then becoming a quick way to add shine to your beard on the go.

Shampoo Bar

New to this eco friendly way of washing your hair? Simply wet your hair, create a lather by rubbing the shampoo bar on your hair. Once there is a rich lather, distribute along scalp and entire hair. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Whipped Shea Butter

"Mother's Gold" can be used several ways.

To use as a daily skin moisturizer. Remove desired amount. Allow to melt in hands and apply. A little will go a long way.

Apply to clean damp hair or scalp as a moisturizing sealant. Following the above steps to melt.

Close tightly and keep away from direct light. If your butter melts, keep in a cool dry place or refrigerator until it solidifies.

Natural Soap Care

To extend the life of your favorite Love & Reign Soap Bars, be sure to allow your soap to dry in between uses. We recommend soap savers or breathable soap trays.